Must Have: Tick ID Cards

This handy business card-sized tick identification features the three most common ticks found in the US (dog, wood, lone star), and features a sizing chart which shows examples of larvae, nymph and adults for each species. The card also features directions for how to properly remove a tick as well as a link to more resources regarding ticks and tick safety.

A must have when out enjoying the great outdoors! Every first aid kit should have one (and your wallet too)!  Made in cooperation with the CDC and Lyme Disease Foundation.

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  1. patty eden 4 years ago

    would love to have these i work at a park and would love to have a few for training;

    1. Thanks for the interest! They are available for purchase at Cheers!

  2. Dana Blanchard 4 years ago

    I see your free tick Id cards are out of stock. I would like to get one when you get more, please. thank you

  3. Nicole Mae Chicoine 4 years ago

    I would like to get the tick idenificaton cards when u get more I live in the country we r constantly getting bit by ticks we would love everything to know what they are

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