Anyone who spends time in the great outdoors knows about the threat of disease-carrying ticks to any unsuspecting passer-by. Ticks are efficient hunters, waiting in brush or tall grass for a host to latch onto – and once attached, can often go unnoticed for days!

But ticks aren’t just out in the wilderness — they can be transported much closer to home by mammals like raccoons or even squirrels. Tick larvae, nymphs or adult ticks can easily end up in residential areas, creating a whole new tick population waiting to be fed in your own garden or neighborhood park. This is why being Tick Safe is so very important!

Know Your Ticks

Blacklegged Deer Tick (adult female)

Deer Tick

Ixodes scapularis

Lone Star Tick (adult female)

Lone Star

Amblyomma americanum

American Dog Tick (adult female)

Dog Tick

Dermacentor variabilis

East Asian Longhorned Tick (adult female)


Haemaphysalis longicornis

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