Pacific Coast Tick

Amblyomma americanum


Found predominantly in shrub-lands and along trails, Pacific Coast ticks (Dermacentor occidentalis) can be found all the way from Oregon to northern Baja California and even Mexico. Although the Pacific Coast tick is the most common tick found throughout most of California, they are easily confused with other less common ticks.

Disease Transmission

As far as we know, all life stages of the Pacific Coast tick can transmit Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Both nymphs and adults can transmit 364D Rickettsiosis, tularemia, as well as bovine anaplasmosis to cattle. These ticks also have been implicated in cases of tick-bite paralysis in cattle, deer, and horses.

Range Distribution

Pacific Coast ticks are human-biting ticks with a broad host range, found predominantly in shrub-lands, chaparral, and along trails from Oregon to northern Baja California and Mexico.

Range Map - Pacific Coast Tick