Tick Talks

When it comes to tick-borne illnesses, a philosophy of increasing education & awareness is good. A history is even better. Over the past years, Center for Wilderness Safety’s Tick Safety program (TickSafety.com) has been a leader in promoting education & awareness of tick-borne illnesses to residents of the greater Washington DC / Northern Virginia / Maryland areas and beyond. These FREE one-hour programs are currently ONLY available in the greater Northern Virginia area and include discussion about tick safety, identification, proper removal techniques, debunking myths, prevention, tickborne illnesses, and more!

If you live in the Northern Virginia area, please contact out resident tick expert & acarologist, Clif Castleman at clifton@ticksafety.com to check on the availability of one of our FREE Tick Talks. Remember, when it comes to tick-borne illnesses, Prevention is the BEST Prescription!

Tick Talk

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