Tick Talks

When it comes to tick-borne illnesses, a philosophy of increasing education & awareness is good. A history is even better. Over the past years, Center for Wilderness Safety’s Tick Safety program (TickSafety.com) has been a leader in promoting education & awareness of tick-borne illnesses to residents of the greater Washington DC / Northern Virginia / Maryland areas and beyond. These FREE one-hour programs are currently ONLY available in the greater Northern Virginia area and include discussion about tick safety, identification, proper removal techniques, debunking myths, prevention, tick-borne illnesses, and more!

If you live in the Northern Virginia area, please contact out resident tick expert & acarologist, Clif Castleman at clifton@ticksafety.com to check on the availability of one of our FREE Tick Talks. Remember, when it comes to tick-borne illnesses, Prevention is the BEST Prescription!

Now Available ONLINE!

((( Click Below to View the FREE Online Tick Talk )))

Tick Safety Talk - Online Presentation

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